SCG Ceramics is one of the leading ceramics tile manufacturers and distributors under the brands COTTO, CAMPANA, and SOSUCO which provide a variety of new products that can better serve the needs of its customers. The company offers one stop service ranging from manufacturing, distribution, to installation of quality ceramic floor and wall tiles.


brand has been trusted in quality and its beauty. This is because it relentlessly to develop an advanced technology production and continuously keep the product in high quality. The tile is worth to be used in terms of its longevity and durability, which meet an international standard. The tile is also designed according to the target customer’s lifestyle.  COTTO brand is focused on medium to high-ended customers looking for realistically beautiful and diverse tile’s pattern for example marble, wood, etc.


brand has the tile with a variety of patterns in order to fit all customer’s preferences. Most of CAMPANA’s product emphasizes on natural pattern or pattern in warm color which suit to family or simple to modern living customer. Target customer for CAMPANA brand covers mass market and mid-ended customers and main cities with reasonable price.


brand is well-known in diversity of patterns for example natural pattern (wood, stone) as well as colorful pattern in response to cover all customer’s need. Focus on mass market, SOSUCO brand hits customers who are looking for high value-added products and diversity.

Ala Madreperla
The hallway leading into the exhibition decorated with COTTO ís finest creation